Discover Our Outstanding Deals on Commercial Vehicles! Browse Our Inventory!

Discover Our Outstanding Deals on Commercial Vehicles! Browse Our Inventory!

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Trade-In Your Vehicle in Rockland, Ontario

Trade-In Your Vehicle in Rockland, Ontario

Belanger Chrysler will gladly assist you with trading in your vehicle, and the process is easy. We will look at your car and determine its value based on the condition, kilometres driven and overall qualities. We can even work out great deals with our Finance Centre as they can help with potential rebates or specials that can be given to you.

Value Your Trade

Here are the steps to Trade-In your car:

Step 1: Conduct your online research. Look for similar cars for sale in the area that matches your vehicle's kilometres, condition, trim, and features.

Step 2: Contact Belanger Chrysler to ask about our evaluation process and determine your Trade-in value. You are welcome to visit our dealership location for a trade-in evaluation or complete our online trade-in assessment tool from the comfort of your home.

What Do Car Dealers Use to Determine Trade-In Value?

There are numerous methods that dealerships may use to determine the value of a trade-in.

The kilometre comparison method (KMC) is the most commonly used and economical way to calculate a trade-in value. It compares the total number of kilometres on the trade-in vehicle with those of a similar make and model in the dealer's inventory and the day's supply of the current marketplace. The condition, trim, features, and add-ons are then considered when determining a fair and accurate value.

Belanger Chrysler Wants Your Trade-In

Belanger Chrysler has assisted and cared for automotive consumer needs in and around Rockland, ON, for over 70 years. We inventory many new and used cars, trucks and SUVs at our dealership location and online.

While shopping for your new vehicle, let our team of automotive professionals provide a Trade-In value of your currently owned vehicle, helping you save money on your new purchase. Contact us today for more information or help with your financing options and trade-in vehicle.


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